Snail Bob 4

Did you love the snail bob 3 so much and couldn’t wait for a new release? Wait no further mate!

The creators of snail bob have delivered as expected. This new release promises new insights into the world of a snail. The game play is the same as usual, bob is searching for a new home and you need to help him get there. You play the part of bob and must complete each stage, in reasonable timing, to advance successfully into the next stage. New obstacles and terrains are added for bob to interact and navigate over.

Snail bob 4 AKA Snail bob Space may not be your average casual physics game, but it does take intrinsic details to its graphic design. For all those snail bob critics who considered the game personality as lacking, you would want to check out this release and rethink your position. Check out the new bob, he glows with high-tech graphics that gives him that glow. Before you even think of undermining the game, go check out the previous releases as well as compare with other puzzle games of its kind. Bob moves relentlessly through treacherous grounds in his journey that never seem to end. Determined to discover a sparkling new home, a determined bob goes across construction sites and forest paths.

Several tools and hints lurk at every corner to ensure smooth and safer navigation. Once more the creators of snail bob have giving the users the sole responsibility to finally accomplish this great feat. There exists a form of reward points if one can beat the time frame allotted in each stage. The mandatory three stars are still available for grabs. This time you actually enjoy looking for them. You trade in several other snails to overcome some obstacles, fly from one end of the screen to another to pick balloons and evade being eaten. As one advances in this mind-blowing encounter, one discovers the toughness of every new level.

With every new level come new obstacles, demanding every inch of your mental intelligence. The controls have been improved upon to give you, the user, that cutting-edge navigation to enhance your speed. Tap more easily with quicker and better response from bob. No more blaming the programming for killing bob, bring bob to an automated halt with just one click. The creators of snail bob really out did there previous games. The music is so entertaining, you find yourself nodding rhythmically to its beat. Talk about perfection! Each level has its own unique touch of music, it leaves you enthral.

Are the game levels any longer? The answer depends on your personal feelings. With over 60 levels, one would say the game is pretty long. But when you start the game, 60 levels look too little. I would advise you take out time to play this new game. Give it a chance! Think of it, what do you get to lose? If you are having any doubt about the game, try Snail Bob 6 or other version. Just for you know, the game has over 10,000,000 of visits for now (2016).