Snail Bob 2

Hunter Hamster is back with a bang! This time, offering more puzzle, more fun, incredibly used Graphics and an all new story. Play Snail Bob 2 and experience the all new saga of fun gaming. Snail Bob is all set with a present for his Grand pa’s birthday party. There is a large and dangerous forest on snail Bob’s way to his Grandpa’s Birthday Party. You need to solve the puzzles to figure out, how to help him reach his Grand Pa’s Birthday Party.

The instructions involve pressing keys on your keyboard and pulling or rotating the livers. You can Press 1 to keep Snail Bob at his normal speed and Press 2 to double his speed. Click on the Snail to stop him moving further. You can utilize this time to figure out the right way. You can use various tools to help Snail Bob on his way.

You need to clear all 25 levels to make Snail Bob reach his destiny. But from where does Snail Bob get the present for his Grand pa? Well, you need to clear 8 levels to get Snail Bob a Birthday Present.

Throughout the game, the amusing sound track keeps entertaining you. You can turn it off, whenever you don’t feel like listening to it. This time, the developers have done a great job in using the graphics. You will surely laugh out at the expressions of the characters. The creative minds of developers have given a miraculous touch to all the characters as well as to the whole game. Play Snail Bob 2 to have the whole new experience with gaming.


Have Fun!

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Snail Bob 2, 8.6 out of 10 based on 88 ratings