Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob is in danger again! He has reached Egypt. Help him in crossing the hot spot deserts. Play Snail Bob 3 to experience the thrills in a funny way. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you would definitely love to play Snail Bob 3.
Some remarkable and astounding changes have been brought to the game. It is the most impressive sequel in the Snail Bob Series. 

Change is the law of the nature and so of the games too. In Snail Bob 1 and Snail Bob 2, you were always few clicks away from removing the obstacles and creating a safe path for Snail Bob to travel. This time, Snail Bob demands you to be little quicker.


Rail Rush 2

Monkey Go Happy 4

Skywire 3

There are new hazards and hurdles on Snail Bob’s way. During all the 25 levels, the added new features will help you to overcome all the dangers. This game now needs to be quicker and witty. Snail Bob 2 has given humorous touch mixed up with Physics. Arrows and instruction are displayed on the screen. You simply need to follow them quickly. There are 3 stars somewhat hidden in each scene. You can quickly grab them by clicking on them. Click on Snail Bob and go for a coffee break. This is quite relaxing entertainment.

The graphics are used in brilliantly. When you play Snail Bob 3, you experience whole new amusement and thrills of Snail Bob’s world. The exceptional creativity of developers has given a majestic touch to all the characters. They will surely make you laugh out loud. You can imagine the pain of being stuck into a hot spot desert .So, please save Snail Bob.


Have Fun!

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