Snail Bob 4 Game

You may have come across several puzzle mind-spinning games, and wonder if anything new can come of this intriguing game. I am not even going to try to convince you, I will leave that for you to decide. How many top quality graphic puzzle games have you come across? Have you ever seen a snail play the lead character of any game? The questions are unending. Snail bob 4 is one of a thousand addicting puzzle game that would put you on the edge of your seat. Click on several buttons and navigation mechanisms to help little bob find his new sparkling home.

The goal of this game is to assist this highly motivated snail using the highlighted tools and hints carefully. This release is a reply to the various pitfalls of previous releases. It seeks to develop the gamer intellectually, while giving that fun and relaxing feeling. The game begins with bob searching through harsh environments and navigating obstacles and predators.

To add more entertaining feel to it, Andrey Kovalishin, the game creator, introduces clues hidden within the game features that keeps you guessing for more. Snail Bob moves unaided through each stages and levels, coming to a stop and hiding in its shell only when he is tapped. The game dimension has been stepped up a bit to allow the gamer more access to places within the screen area.

As an ardent follower of the snail bob series, I can confidently say that the creators have come a long way since snail bob 1, graphic-wise. If you think snail bob 3 was the best, you are in for a shocker. The game would leave you dumb folded as you think about the additional details added to this breathtaking game. Not only have your enemies increased, they seem to come in more varied forms. An innocently walking camel, which you may think have no business with you in the desert, suddenly becomes an enemy as it regards you as a food material.

Snail bob 4 makes you think real hard. The ability to detect friend from foe is one of the greatest survival techniques to get to that new home of yours. Just like the previous releases, the controls are each to manipulate and navigate, even for a kid. But I can assure you that no kid can figure out the mind blowing stages which require apt attention. If you still got a problem with navigation, I suggest you ask for help from a kid and give suggestions on how to intellectually manoeuvre obstacles. I seriously doubt you would proceed far.

Does the game offer the best possible interactions and game play? No, it doesn’t. I would suggest the game creators look more into a different story line and challenging adventure for bob, rather than the usual searching for a new home. Is the sound any better this time around? Perfectly yes! I can actually listen to the background music and comfortably play my game. It does not sound like a toy taken from an old kindergarten toy box. Snail bob 4 is a much more matured and enjoyable game to invest your mental energy on.

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